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King City United Church

-by Earle Laycock

August 20, 2017

Rev. Evelyn McLachlan used Psalm 8 and Matthew 28: 16-20 as her text. Discussing the solar eclipse of August 21st 2017, she reminded us that: “… between 1901 and 2000 there were 228 solar eclipses of which 78 were partial, 73 were annular, 71 were total and 6 were hybrids (they began as annular but became total). The greatest number of eclipses in one year was five, in 1935, and one month, July 2000, had two eclipses.” As we witness the wonders of creation, we realize that we also are part of this wonderful creation. “As we look out on this world, as we experience the eclipse …, may you be reminded of Psalm 8, may you be reminded of the incredible possibilities for ourselves, for these possibilities are nurtured and grow out of the splendid gifts of God. Let the eclipse tomorrow shut out those things that remove us from walking with God … hatred, arrogance, pretence, selfishness, pride … but let the sun return and shine on peace, harmony, working together, seeking the good in each other and allowing God’s grace and forgiveness to flow.”

Celebration of the full and wonderful life of Mildred Manson was observed on Thursday. The church was filled by family and friends whom Mildred had touched during her 94 years. Mildred passed peacefully on August 14th 2017 at her Elginwood Long Term Care Residence. Mildred was the beloved wife of the late John and loving mother to Roberta and her husband Bryan Allen and predeceased by her beloved son Bruce. She was cherished Nana to James and his wife Laura and dear sister to Bruce and his wife Marion Hayward. Mildred held a strong faith and was a faithful Christian, always seeking a better life for her, her family, community and the world. We will all miss Mildred’s caring insights. She was a strong influence on her children, grandson and all those who had the good fortune to be her friend.

It’s not too late to send us a postcard during your summer travels! There will be a prize once again for the person who has travelled the farthest (or maybe sent the most postcards). Wherever you travel, find time to join another community of faith in worship and bring them greetings from King City UC.

Hungry for breakfast? If your Friday mornings are free and you desire something a little different for breakfast, join us for Tea and Talk at King City Sunset Grill Friday mornings at 10 a.m. We usually are seated at the table to the right of the doors. This is a time to make some new friends, enjoy a delicious breakfast and discuss the latest news or scores.

Please remember that King City United will hold worship services every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. during the summer. Join us and give thanks for the gifts we enjoy as residents of this beautiful area. Sunday school, for the young people, will resume in the Fall. Young folk are welcome to join their family in the Sanctuary for worship and participate in a story for children every Sunday. King City United is located at 50 Elizabeth Grove, King City. For more information, call our Office Administrator Kristen at 905-833-5181 or visit our website: