Sunday School for Children

King City United Sunday School – Fishers of Faith 


Come out and join us on Sunday morning at 10:00am

At King City United Church the children are learning about God, exploring their relationships with God and developing their faith and spirituality. We have a dedicated team of teachers committed to exploring bible stories and Christian values and their relevance to our everyday lives.

Children participate in the opening services in the sanctuary where they also enjoy “Children’s Time”, a short discussion or interactive lesson with Rev Leslie before heading out to Sunday School.

The children are also learning about the importance of humanitarianism by learning about the importance of sharing with others less fortunate than ourselves. We focus on a variety of missions throughout the year, including local outreaches or those across the globe. This year they raised money for our sponsorship of a child through World Vision and for Haiti relief work.

Fishers of Faith proudly sponsor Siphathiso through World Vision. She is 11 years old and lives in Zimbabwe. The money we provide allows her to go to school and pays for some of the necessities that she needs.

Come out and join us on Sunday at 10:00am